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American Eagle

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    The American Eagle is a traditional US investment coin recognized as an official means of payment. It is interesting not only to investors, but also to collectors. The obverse depicts "Freedom," represented in the image of a young girl who holds a torch in her right hand and an olive branch in her left hand. On the reverse, a white-headed eagle is minted - the national symbol of America. Orlan holds an olive branch in his paws and drops into the nest, where chicks and eagles await him. The obverse design belongs to the hand of the famous Augustus Saint-Gaudin. It was developed back in 1907. The image on the reverse was created by artist Miley Busek. The denomination of the currency is $50.


    The American Eagle is a symbol of freedom and independence. The first 10-dollar copy of the Eagle was made in 1795. For more than two hundred years, the US Mint minted these coins, which became a truly national symbol of the state. Specimens of the modern species appeared in 1986. It was at that moment that silver and gold coins became popular among investors as an object of investment.

    The American Eagle is minted from 22-carat gold with the addition of silver and copper. Copies of different weights and, accordingly, different costs are produced. Despite the fact that the coin is made of 917th gold, it is quite popular. In 2006, the US Mint added an anniversary silver copy of the Eagle to the gold series.

    American Eagle minted quality proof and uncirculated. American gold is used for production. Each released instance is rigorously checked for compliance with the standard. Then the currency is sealed in a plastic capsule and sent for sale.


    The quality and purity of American Eagle gold is guaranteed by the US government, so its purchase, as a rule, is not difficult. These investment coins are distributed around the world. You can buy them in our online store KALITA.GOLD. We guarantee the authenticity of each instance of the catalog. You can also contact us for the sale of precious metal products.

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