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Investment coins of Austria

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1 724.1 €
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1 642.8 €
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31.4 €
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    Austrian investment coins have been issued since 1989. The Austrian Mint produced copies depicting one of the main cultural values ​ ​ of the country - the Vienna Philharmonic. This is the name given to a series of coins. Initially, the denomination of monetary units was indicated in traditional currency - shillings.

    However, since 2002, investment assets began to be issued in euros. In the nineties, Austrian coins were the most popular in the world, which indicates their high quality and liquidity. Today, the Vienna Philharmonic continues to be in demand among investors.

    It is noteworthy that for more than 25 years the design of copies has not changed. The obverse depicts the musical instruments of the Vienna Philharmonic, and the reverse shows the face value, year of release and weight.


    Austrian investment coins are legal tender in all EU states. The mint of the country issues monetary units in four denominations: 10, 25, 50, 100 euros. Of course, the cost of each copy significantly exceeds its face value and is calculated based on current quotes of precious metals.

    Silver and gold "Philharmonicers" are made of metals of the highest standard (999.9). Austrian investment coins are considered a reliable investment. Given the rising prices of precious metals, as well as the high liquidity of Austrian assets, the purchase of such copies will make a profit in the long term.

    Popular coins

    The most famous and popular Austrian series is the Vienna Philharmonic. The country issues these investment coins in gold and silver. However, since 2004, the state has been participating in the European Numismatic Program, under which samples with different European countries are minted.

    Each year thematic investment assets are issued, reflecting cultural events, the history of the European continent. As part of this program, Austria will mint monetary units with denominations of 5 and 20 euros. In addition, the Austrian Mint produces several collections of commemorative coins reflecting the history and traditions of its country.

    They are represented in the series "Artistic Treasures of Austria," "Austria and its people. Castles of Austria, "" Austria. The Way Through the Ages, "etc.

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