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    "Britain" is a popular coin for investing. Minted by the UK Mint in Cardif, Wales. This is the first investment coin made in Europe, appeared in 1987. At that time, the Treasury of England considered that the country needed to have its own investment asset, which could compete with popular Canadian, American and South African coins.


    The coin depicts Britain - a woman who has become a symbol of the country. The design was personally chosen by Queen Elizabeth II from more than fifty options. A woman holds a trident Poseidon in her hands, a Corinthian helmet is worn on her head, and a coat of arms is nearby.

    However, over 30 years, the design has undergone changes. The original version was issued until 1997. And then there were coins for investing, which depicted Britain in a chariot. They were minted until 2009. The images of the woman changed several times, as did the portraits of Elizabeth II on the back.

    Golden "Britain" is minted weighing one tenth, one fourth, one second ounce and an ounce. Since 2013, a silver version of the coin has appeared. Initially, gold copies were made of metal 0.917 samples. In them, 22 parts of gold accounted for 2 parts of copper. In 2012, instead of copper, silver began to be added, but the ratio of metals remained the same.


    This investment coin is very popular in England, since its purchase exempts from capital gains and value added tax. In addition, it can be taken abroad without problems and stored as the owner sees fit. You can buy gold or silver "Britain" in our online store. We guarantee the authenticity of each copy and safe delivery.

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