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Investment coins of Canada

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    Canada's investment coins are attractive to investors around the world. They are made of precious metals of the highest standard. It was in Canada that for the first time a gold coin was made for investment with a sample of "5 9s." This is a unique sample weighing 100 kg, denominated in 1 million Canadian dollars.

    Now the country is releasing several copies with a sample of 0.99999, the maximum face value of which is $200. In addition to the usual gold and silver samples, the Canadian Royal Mint mints versions of platinum and palladium.


    The Royal Mint of Canada belongs to the government of the country, is a diversified organization. In addition to minting monetary units for exchange, collection and investment, it offers services for storing assets made of precious metals. In Canada, there are so-called exchange checks that confirm a person's ownership when he buys an asset made of gold or silver and leaves it for storage in the Mint. Checks can be sold and bought, while the object of sale itself is under reliable protection.

    Now the sales of Canadian coins for investment are about 29 million copies, which is about 231 million ounces of precious metals. This speaks of Canadian assets as one of the most sought-after ways of investing capital.

    Popular coins

    The following Canadian Mint products are very popular on the world market:

    Maple Sheet. Perhaps the country's most famous investment asset. Appeared in 1979. Due to its high quality, unique design, it quickly attracted the attention of investors and to this day remains a popular investment object. It is the Maple Leaf that is considered the most protected coin from crafts. All thanks to special radial lines, which are applied to the surface with an accuracy of micron. It's impossible to fake them.

    Series "Call of Nature." It includes several golden specimens, on the reverse of which various animals are depicted:

    Also in demand among investors are silver samples from the Wild Life series:

    The obverse of all investment coins in Canada traditionally occupies the profile of Queen Elizabeth II.

    You can buy copies of precious metals in our online store Kalita.Gold. We guarantee the quality and authenticity of each sample, ensure fast, safe delivery of orders, offer favorable prices for the purchase and sale of precious metal products. Order Canada's original investment coins from us.

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