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South African Investment Coins

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    On the territory of the Republic of South Africa is one of the largest gold deposits in the world. That is why South Africa has long remained the leader in the production of investment gold assets. The first issued for the sale of the coin was called "Krugerrand."

    To this day, it remains in demand and liquid in the market. Currency units of South Africa are interesting not only to investors, but also to collectors. The first samples of 1967 are quite of high value among numismatists.


    South African investment coins are in high demand among investors from different countries. Despite the crisis that the country experienced in the 80s, the temporary suspension of the production of monetary units for sale and the emergence of a large number of competitors among other countries, South African gold assets have high liquidity.

    Today, in southern Africa, active gold mining and coinage continues. Even considering that the specimens are made of 917 samples of metal, it is profitable to invest in them just because of the high demand.

    Popular coins

    The most famous and bought coin in South Africa is rightfully considered "Krugerrand." The design of the famous gold asset has not changed for almost 55 years. Obverse occupies the profile of Paul Krueger, President of the Republic of South Africa and national hero. The reverse depicts the antelope - the traditional symbol of the country. The name currency received from the name Kruger and the national currency rand (rand), which was introduced in the country after gaining independence from Great Britain.

    Today, South Africa's investment coins - the Krugerrands - are available for purchase in any country in the world. Usually they are issued from gold, but in 2017, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the coin, the Mint of South Africa issued monetary units as an ancirculite of gold, platinum and silver.

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