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US Investment Coins

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    US investment coins are one of the most popular in the world market. Their value grows year by year, so investing in them is profitable. Coinage of gold currency units began in America back in 1792.

    The US currency is so stable that even coins 200 years ago can be used as a means of payment today. Of course, such samples are not found in circulation now, they have long taken their place in the albums of collectors. But investment coins are traded on the world market very actively, and the demand for them is quite large.


    Now available US gold and silver coins for investment. Their liquidity is valued quite high, so the purchase and sale of such assets does not cause difficulties. In addition, the price of precious metals is only growing every year, which means investing in them is profitable.

    Of course, it is worth considering that the purchase of coins is a long-term contribution. On average, in order for a coin to bring income when sold, it must stay "in the same hands" for 5-7 years. During this time, the cost of metal can double, which means that the profit when selling such an investment under ideal conditions will be 100%.

    Of course, much depends on the state of the world economy, crises that are difficult to predict, but in general, investing in investment coins always remains profitable.

    Popular coins

    The most famous US investment coins are the American Eagle and the American Buffalo.

    "Eagles" have been minted since 1986 (precisely investment). Gold of the 917th sample is used for manufacture, however, despite this, specimens are very popular among investors. Since 2006, silver versions of coins have appeared on sale. The quality and purity of metals is guaranteed by the United States government, so copies are actively bought and sold around the world.

    "Bison" younger investment assets, their manufacture began in 2006. However, unlike the Eagles, they are produced from gold of the highest standard - 0.9999 and silver 999/1000. The high liquidity of the coin is provided by the support of the US government.

    The denominations of both coins of $50 are simply symbolic in nature, while the real value of the copy is determined by current quotes of precious metals. You can buy American investment coins in our online store. All copies of the catalog have officially confirmed quality and authenticity.

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