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Vienna Philharmoniker

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    The Vienna Philharmonicist is an Austrian investment coin issued in 1989. It became the first coin intended for sale, the face value of which was indicated in euros. Copies were originally produced in two types: weighing one troy ounce and a quarter ounce. Monetary units have gained great success not only with investors in Europe, but also around the world. Therefore, since 1991, they began to issue another half-ounce and one tenth coins.


    Interestingly, for more than 30 years of existence, the design of the coin has not changed at all. An organ in the Vienna Philharmonic Hall is minted on the obverse of the Vienna Philharmonic, and the inscription REPUBLIK OSTERREICH is inscribed on top. At the bottom, the face value, the year of minting and the sample of metal are traditionally indicated. The reverse depicts various musical instruments and the name of the coin - WIENER PHILHARMONIKER. Despite the great popularity, the copy is not often forged. This is due to the characteristics of the coin: it has a rather large diameter - 37 mm and a small thickness - 2 mm. Forging a sample with such parameters is very difficult.

    Initially, the Vienna Philharmonicer was made of gold. In this case, only the metal of the highest sample was used for minting - 0.9999 (24 carats). In 2008, a silver coin appeared made of 999.9 silver. Until 2002, these gold investment assets had a face value in Austrian schillings. However, today they are nominated in euros. You can purchase coins in denominations of 10, 25, 50, 100 euros.


    Austrian investment coins are considered one of the best in terms of value for money, so investors often choose them for investment. In our online store you can buy gold and silver "Philharmonicers" at the current rate. The quality and authenticity of each copy of the catalog is officially confirmed.

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